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Below is a copy of my post made at 10.19 Monday 23 June where I have selected 3 stocks that came up on my spec analyzer.
Pink line shows bar of Friday 20 June when calls were triggered

Subject kim smx & possibly tas
Posted 23/06/03 10:19 - 37 reads
Posted by Madcow
Post #104841 - in reply to msg. #104761
of the stocks that came up on the Spec Voodoo Volume & RSI scan these look worth putting on the watch list this week..all 3 charts look interesting

I have no possy in any of them

Not a reccomendation just stuff to look at.

Voluntary Disclosure: No Position Sentiment: None

ASX stock TAS trading signal Friday 20/6/200



I Promise there is no cheating here. The Post was made on HotCopper a public Australian share traders forum. It was the only post in that period picking stocks (not the best of 10 or so). We got good gains on 2 stocks and the third looks pretty OK 2 weeks later.

Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line

Below is a copy of my post made at on Monday & July 2003 where I have selected 3 stocks that came up on my spec analyzer.
Pink line shows bar of Friday 4 July when calls were triggered

Subject nca,dvn,coe,apl,dmx,wez,bar,tbc
Posted 07/07/03 11:49 - 151 reads
Posted by Madcow
Post #109050 - start of thread

This is my spec watch list....same stuff as last time..looking for stocks that are brewing before they go off. Will watch for a couple of weeks

Remember this is just stuff to watch not a reccomendation to buy. I fluked 3 out of 3 last time...I hope some of these will go but not all will..there are some roughies in there...that's why it is just a watch list.

I have no possy in the above

***Tuesday 8 July NCA has leapt from 3c to 6c for a 100% gain.
I will update the rest in 2 weeks

BAR...4c to 9c over 100% all be it on small volume
DVN..44c to 55c
NCA held 5.5 to 6c 100%
APl up 1c to 22c
TBC done nothing 15c to 14.5c
COE went 13c to 15c then drifted back
DMX add WEZ...flappin around no action

Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line

Subject  URL re: my pick for this week
Posted 08/09/03 16:30 - 62 reads
Posted by Madcow
Post #137928 - in reply to msg. #137508 - splitview

Did good volume today..will now show breakout from a flat top triangle on volume and a few conventional buy signals when all the TA wallas do their scans tonight.


STOCK 10.5c at time of post....contract notes at 10.5c

Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line

UPATE 12 Sept 2003


Subject  SBP




it looks shocking.....that's why i bought

Posted 02/09/03 14:36 - 217 reads
Posted by Madcow
Post #134632 - start of thread - splitview

Now that folk are all loaded all those really cheap half cent oppies do you seriously think that that it isn't going to get taken out walkies within the next couple of months. Pretty well the only bio left in the kennel.

I have found buying things when they look like garbage and selling when they look good works for me

Not a reccomendation do your own research


BOUGHT AT 8.8c sold 15.5c 2 days later.....How because thanks to earlier signals we were watching it closely

This is taken from a public forum....real trades..... contract notes available

Window setup 10.50 calls went from 1c to $1 contract notes available...but I bottled out before the top...some at 25c and some at 40c....sorry lack of balls rather than bad TA


Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line

UPDATE 24 OCT 2003
URL 10.50c to 18c in a couple of weeks. contract notes available.
Subject         AGY sudden flurry of volume
Posted 02/10/03 13:39 - 34 reads
Posted by Madcow
Post #150551 - start of thread - splitview
been watching this one for a while.....close over 17 would look interesting
We were watching this stock because it had come in on a scan and as a result were able to jump on as it broke out on this day.  out 2 days later at 22c could have got 25c.  Contract notes available.